Google drive is a secure file hosting from an American company.

The application of the same name is a powerful alternative to programs for collaborating with documents and other purposes via Internet access. The user who registers an account in the mail service gets 15 GB of additional storage at his disposal.

Copying information to a google disk replaces a USB-drive with a memory capacity of up to 15 GB, eliminates the problem of transferring voluminous arrays of information over networks. Access to information on the google network drive is provided to the user from any device with Internet access: home or work computer, tablet or smartphone. Interestingly, every second on the Google search engine something is searched or viewed by 2 million users.

Google Drive cloud storage functionality

With the help of google drive, the following functions are available to each user for free:

  • Manipulations with files of various formats: documents, images, videos, PDF – format and others (more than 30 file types are supported);
  • Search for information in the cloud by name and internal content;
  • Setting the visibility of folders and files for a specific circle of invited friends;
  • Setting access rights for viewing, editing, commenting, etc .;
  • Quick access to recently opened files / folders;
  • Treatment statistics by operations;
  • Setting up synchronization to save information not only to a computer or mobile device, but also to google drive.

Access to cloud storage is possible in two ways:

  1. Directly through the browser;
  2. Through a dedicated application.

Both uses of Google Drive require the user to have a Google email account. Google’s search index is a volume of over 100 million gigabytes of information. The media to accommodate this volume would have to be 100,000 terabytes.

Deleting and restoring data in Google drive cloud storage

The volume of cloud storage is not dimensionless: 15 GB is provided free of charge, more volume is allocated on a paid basis at the appropriate rates. So from time to time users have to delete files / folders with unnecessary information stored in the cloud, including Gmail and Google Photos .

It is important that only the owner of the information has access to the mode of deleting it from the cloud storage. There are two ways how to delete files from google drive: by dragging the marked objects to the trash can or by calling the context menu with the item “Delete”.

If by mistake you suddenly deleted or moved to another folder important photos or presentation, then the question arises of how to restore information on a google drive. In cases where the lost array is in the Trash or moved to another folder, the rollback procedure will not be difficult. It is important to comply with the requirement: restoration is possible only by its creator or its new owner (ownership has been transferred). If necessary, you can contact the support service.

Thanks to the development of Google drive, users have the opportunity to use a cloud drive for backups, thereby providing more free space on the computer for current work. How much free 15 GB is enough, and whether it is necessary to purchase additional cloud storage is an independent decision of the user.

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