Furry Pet Hospital for Android

Furry Pet Hospital for Android

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Furry Pet Hospital – These poor pets are in trouble.

The rabbit caught a cold because she kept banging on the blanket at night. The panda fell from a tree and broke his leg. The dog is such a gourmet that it has dental problems. Let’s! Animals are waiting to be treated. With your excellent medical skills and love for them, they will surely recover very soon!

Furry Pet Hospital Features

  • 6 adorable animals and 12 healing quests
  • Each furry pet with two quests adds more fun to the game. Try to help them, doctor!
  • Vivid animation shows the patient’s condition
  • You must find out how the patient is injured and how bad the condition is before treating it.
  • Keep working to complete random tasks
  • Check how many patients you have today and you can start a new day to skip it.
  • Earn more loving hearts to upgrade your hospital
  • After the treatment, you will be rewarded with loving hearts, which you can exchange for jewelry to make the hospital better.

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