Foxit Reader is application software developed for the purpose of viewing and subsequently interacting with documents distributed in PDF format containing important digital information.

And, although browsers and third-party clients, such as postal services, have already learned to work with PDF, the advantages of Foxit Reader are expressed in other details: the service provides for cooperative interaction, helps to protect confidential data using encryption and digital signatures, and provides batch processing of uploaded files for minimal amount of time.

Foxit Reader is a chance to once and for all forget about the inconveniences associated with digitized documentation, the time has come to learn the essence of advanced technologies that significantly simplify life.

Foxit Reader Features

Among the important functions of the computer version, the following nuances should be highlighted:

  • Availability of ConnectedPDF technology, which provides for placing files in cloud storages, which are easy to share with a few clicks. If you really wanted to show the document to the rest of the community, then you don’t have to “hand out” anything – it is only important to configure the access parameters and choose who can make adjustments, and who will only have to read and go into details.
  • Reading files in Foxit Reader works according to the standard principle – as soon as a PDF is opened, the attached information is already displayed on the screen. But what about those situations when it is problematic to read the text? It’s time to put fears aside – with the help of the built-in JAWS service, even visually impaired members of the community will understand the essence of the document thanks to the mechanical sounding of words and actions on the display. The service works flawlessly, and it is also customizable to the smallest details – speech speed, pauses, methods of further interaction.
  • Document generation is an important advantage that Foxit Reader is proud of. Thanks to the built-in editor, you can create PDF files that are easily recognized by browsers and other office tools.
  • The panel deserves special attention, which provides for the integration of information from third-party sources, such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Excel: the digitization of tables and presentations is now done in no time.
  • In the collaborative space, you have to work with PDF data even more often than with the rest of the documentation. And, finally, you no longer have to spend hours editing documents, and after that you will no longer have to send new copies to colleagues via email, instant messengers or social networks.

Thanks to “teamwork” marks, corrections and important comments can be left directly on the virtual pages of Foxit Reader, and colleagues will notice the proposed innovations using shared access in the second. By the way, it is not necessary to express emotions with text – the built-in toolkit even offers to draw!

Mobile platforms support the above advantages of Foxit Reader, and additionally offer scanning (you need access to the camera, and then you just need to point the image on the paper, and the information contained will immediately appear in a digitized form on the screen) and protect personal information using finger scanners finger or face shape.

Just a second, and those things that you wanted to hide from prying eyes will be out of reach. By the way, it is not necessary to store files on the internal or external memory of the smartphone – no one bothers to transfer the finished PDF document to the cloud from Google, Microsoft or even Foxit.

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