Fotor is a multifunctional and shareware graphic editor capable of both superficially processing unpretentious and everyday photos, and working in non-standard scenarios – with HDR, in the “restoration” mode, or in the field of design, when it is important design a banner for social networks or come up with a logo.

Regardless of the chosen direction, Fotor will help to achieve the required results, and at the same time it will help to understand the small nuances that often raise questions for beginners and those who have never held a virtual brush in their hands and have not interacted with an electronic canvas.

Functionality and content of the photo editor Fotor

  • Basic editing. Interaction with Fotor, the developers suggest to start with standard photo editing in the manner of Photoshop. Adjust color and size, brightness and saturation, change focus and gamma. If you have no time to manually select the settings, you should use special visual presets and filters. Just a second, and the result is already on the screen. One more step – and you can go to print!
  • Effects. At Fotor, effects include both standard captions that can be easily added to images by customizing fonts and choosing a color, and exclusive design elements that add a suitable visual style to images.
  • Restoration. The “Restoration” technology is not a new trend in photo processing, but in Fotor the mechanism for correcting the face surface is thought out to the smallest detail, and even partially automated. If you want to tweak your hairstyle, hide uneven skin or apply virtual make-up, from now on you won’t have to dig into the settings for hours, finally, there will be a chance to finish what you started in two or three clicks.
  • Tips and tricks. Rarely do graphic editors offer beginners to master each of the functions and even get to know the culture of photographers, designers and those who have long been accustomed to working with graphics. Fotor is a welcome exception to the rule. The built-in training courses will help you to understand the basics and improve your bottom line.
  • Templates. For those who are not in a hurry to understand the details or do not want to sit down to books, the developers have prepared a series of templates that help reduce the processing time of photos to a few seconds. Working with templates is as follows – first you need to select the sources and add them to Fotor. After that, a preset or interaction method is selected (single processing, collage, restoration), and at the end, the location of the result is determined.

And finally – the developers of the Fotor photo editor do not stop developing the functionality and diligently add the missing tools that have appeared from competitors. As a result, Fotor is the future. You can safely start a training program – the project will remain in demand!

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