Farm Frenzy is an economic strategy game where the player makes money by keeping poultry and livestock.

Resources collected from animals can be used for sale or the production of high-paying goods can be started. Farm frenzy game is divided into levels, spread out on the map of local lands.

The passage of the mission is to complete the task:

  • Get 5 ducks;
  • Collect 30 eggs;
  • Bake 12 cakes.

To fulfill the orders, initially, several poultry or livestock are assigned to the player under the leadership. They provide food only if they are fed enough, for which green grass should be grown on the lawn by tapping on the bare ground.

Farm Frenzy passage is based on overcoming all sorts of obstacles, so growing greens takes up the water resource extracted from the well. As soon as it ends, that must be bought for gold. If there is not enough money for moisture and the supply of weed ends, the animals die. Money in the game is earned through trading, given the simple hierarchy of the value of the goods offered for sale.

Here’s a prime example:

  • Eggs themselves are cheap;
  • If you process them into powder, the price tag will jump 2 times;
  • But letting him make a pie, the latter will sell even more expensive.

This is the basis for passing the levels of Farm frenzy, because the sooner you get rich, the easier it is to complete the mission. Buildings help with this. They are purchased in a separate store for stars received for completing tasks. After that, they need to be improved to increase efficiency.

All buildings are divided into two types:

  1. Manufacturing – required for processing resources.
  2. Auxiliary – expand the storage capacity, transform the well for accelerated water extraction, change the shape of the vehicle for delivering goods to the city.

Secrets of the passage of Farm Frenzy

Farm frenzy 1 passage is devoid of complex structures, because all that is necessary from the player is to complete simple tasks. Here are some tips on how to beat Farm frenzy:

  • Do not spend all the starting money for a clean one, keeping a minimum supply of gold to buy water.
  • Grow grass at the bottom of the level to keep your pets there more often. This will prevent loss of pets if wild animals attack your farm.
  • At the first levels, the most money is brought in by sharpened bears, so if you catch one in a cage, immediately send it for sale.
  • Consider the time taken to transport cargo from farm to city to complete the task in the shortest possible time.

Farm frenzy as to pass specific levels have a slightly different structure. If you are required to bake a certain number of cakes, then focus on completing only this task, spending money on the purchase of accompanying animals and buildings.

Farm frenzy – the world famous game, the leader of all kinds of charts and hit parades, is now free! You have a whole farm on your phone with oil mills, wells, bakeries, cows, sheep and a host of other buildings and animals. Its prosperity depends solely on your abilities and skill.

Control and organize everything that happens on your site: feeding and breeding animals, collecting and processing products, selling manufactured goods, buying new equipment and even protecting your farm from predators! A fun and simple gameplay filled with good humor, lots of funny animals, bright graphics and rich colors – all this cannot leave you indifferent.

At each of the 72 levels of the game Farm frenzy you must complete a specific task. Deal with it in the allotted time and get an additional reward or title. A pleasant surprise will be the VIP bonus system that significantly affects the gameplay!

Game Features

  • 72 original levels
  • funny animals for your farm
  • a variety of products for production and sale
  • more than 30 types of buildings, with the possibility of their improvement
  • unlimited gameplay
  • VIP bonuses
  • excellent graphics and great music

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Additional Information
  • License Free
  • Requires Android 4.0.3 and up
  • Category Simulation
  • Developer
  • Content Rating 3+
  • Download Farm Frenzy for other OS Not available