Modern models of smartphones combine the possibilities not only for communication and information transfer, but also for entertainment. If earlier phones were not equipped with cameras in principle, now smartphones completely replace low-budget cameras.

Almost all new generation phone models allow you to take high-quality pictures, however, many users improve their photos with the help of special photo editors. In this article, we will consider one of the most popular options for such photo editing applications – FaceApp .

It should be noted right away that the faceapp application is positioned by the developer as a service for surface processing of photos, which, however, does not prevent users from receiving truly unique images after using the faceapp service.

Functionality and capabilities of the FaceApp application

Special attention should be paid to the developer of the program – the Russian company Wireless Lab. This company has been developing applications relatively recently, but has managed to win good marks from experts in the field of mobile technologies. FaceApp image processing algorithms are based on neural networks that automatically generate changes in users’ faces. At the moment, the faceapp program is distributed free of charge, however, the developers themselves note that in the future it is possible to add paid masks and effects. Now the list of the main features of the application includes the following functions:

  • Various frames;
  • Enhance photos by applying filters (backgrounds, makeup, hairstyle);
  • Ability to change sex using a neural network;
  • Masks of famous characters.

In addition to the listed features, users can get a faceapp photo with the effects of rejuvenation, aging or a joyful smile. As the developers themselves note, now the list of masks is not so extensive, however, with the release of updates, more and more new functions are added. Important! It should be noted that all the effects and masks applied to the user’s face cannot be modified manually, since processing takes place in automatic mode.

FaceApp – Change your face in one tap with artificial intelligence:

  • add a smile
  • get cute
  • grow old or rejuvenate
  • change gender

At the time of the surge in popularity of such utilities, faceapp was able to collect a huge number of both positive and negative reviews. In most cases, users spoke well about working with applications. Many note the high level of detail and facial processing, while others praise the huge selection of masks and filters. Separately, it is worth noting the positive faceapp user reviews that the program is available in a free version. As for the shortcomings of the service, users highlight the lack of manual image processing.

One of the recent innovations in the app is the ability to change gender. Thanks to the reworking of neural network algorithms, the developers managed to create an excellent automatic filter for gender reassignment. Now the function faceapp gender change is in the active stage of revision, so in the near future users will be able to have fun with this function to the fullest. Ultimately, it’s worth noting that the faceapp face game perfectly combines elements of entertainment and really high-quality image processing.

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