Doulingo is a fun app that will help you learn different languages, pronounce words correctly, and strain your brains in a mobile lesson.

Now everyone who does not know any language, but wants to master it at least a little, can use this application with pleasure. You can increase your knowledge of the English language by applying them in practice (test). Show how the word is spelled correctly or how it is pronounced, how it is perceived by ear. This is not only study, but also an intellectual game where you can answer questions at any time.

Practice your English skills – reading, speaking, writing and listening. Play, answer questions and complete assignments to increase your vocabulary and improve your grammar. Start with the simplest verbs, phrases and sentences as you learn new English words every day. 34 hours spent with Duolingo is equal in efficiency to a semester at the university! Millions of students use Duolingo in schools and universities, in addition to their foreign language lessons.

Duolingo was and always will be free. This is the most affordable way to learn English and other foreign languages. We do not force you to listen to boring lectures – training is carried out in a playful way, because it is more fun and more effective (scientifically proven) – just complete short tasks and answer questions to consolidate knowledge every day.

Duolingo is the best way to learn English, Spanish, French and German for Russian speakers! Start learning English today!

Interaction with the Duolingo platform begins with registration: the developers will be asked to indicate their native language and fill out a questionnaire for a new community member, where it is important to fill in several text fields and set goals for the near future. Alternatively, you can choose either intensive training, or a superficial acquaintance with a new language, or help in mastering an impressive layer of information in a short time. Regardless of the choice, further events develop in the same way:

Knowledge Test

Duolingo conducts comprehensive testing of each new student immediately after registration. The check is needed for two reasons: this way you will not have to re-understand those things that have already been “given by nature” or have remained from the school curriculum, and with the help of the obtained progress assessment it is easier to draw up an action plan for the next week, month or even year (the service will automatically compose schedule, set up a series of push notifications and make you deal with tests, exams, and homework).

The path to success

Duolingo lessons are delivered in real time in several formats. Sometimes you have to collect sentences from pre-prepared words. Sometimes – to perceive the text by ear and enter what was heard from the touch or physical keyboard. There are also experimental lessons where it is important to draw associations between things, objects and characters, and foreign words.

And, although the formats are different, the developers propose to focus not on the method of obtaining knowledge, but on the results. You should not press all the buttons in a row and fly headlong through the available tests, it is better to act carefully, carefully and thoughtfully, as if proving to yourself and the world the correctness of the chosen answer.


You can study English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Swedish in Duolingo. For each of the listed options, there is a separate branched network of tests, with detailed grammar hints, tips and tricks. This means that problems with learning will not arise even for those who have never even tried to get acquainted with foreign languages.

The only thing the service lacks is pronunciation training. There is no one to talk to, and therefore the chances of strange or accidental mistakes in communication are greatly increased.

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