Dr. Driving is a driving simulator on a busy highway.

Unlock access to 28 cars, participate in 9 types of races and pump 6 characteristics of the car.


Introducing the game Dr. Driving on Android takes place through an uninformative menu, stuffed with information about the maximum and average speed for the race, the number of good turns, the driver’s level and completed tasks. Above placed 3 modes to choose from:

  1. Online Match – race with other players (during the test of the game, the multiplayer refused to work).
  2. vs Friend – similar to the first mode, but against friends.
  3. Chanel – create a personal channel to chat with friends.

Despite the presence of English, part of the interface has been translated into Russian. To go to the race, we tap on the green triple arrow and find ourselves on the car selection screen (at first one is open) and decide on the tasks for passing. Missions in the game Dr. Driving to computer 9:

  1. Highway – driving along a busy highway.
  2. Drift – enter corners with controlled drift.
  3. Fuel – we aim to cross the finish line before we run out of fuel.
  4. VIP Escort – we will take the passenger to the parking space.
  5. Parking – we drive to the specified place and park the car.
  6. Broken Brake – a ride with broken brakes.
  7. Truck – transfer to the driver’s seat.
  8. Lane – change the lane on the road.
  9. Speed ​​- we are in a hurry to cross the finish line.

In both the latest and previous versions of Dr. Driving, some of the tasks are completely identical. For example, Highway, Fuel, Lane and Speed ​​- about driving in a straight line, with a change in row to earn silver coins (this mechanic is ubiquitous and only with its help they earn in-game currency). VIP Escort and Parking at the end offer to watch the same screensavers when our driver thanks his passenger, although the mission about parking does not say anything about this.

Truck differs from the general background – playing Dr. Driving becomes more difficult due to the size of the truck. Broken brakes add problems, but drift naturally mocks players with narrow streets and the inability to continue the race hitting the curb. Dr. Driving – rock the streets in the fastest and most stunning driving game. Log in with your Google account to play multiplayer. Get free gold by completing a mission before your opponent (1000 gold maximum).

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Additional Information

  • License Free
  • Requires Android 2.3.3 and up
  • Category Racing
  • Developer
  • Content Rating 3+
  • Download Dr. Driving for other OS iOS

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