Cyberline Racing for Android

Cyberline Racing for Android
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Cyberline Racing is a triumph for the death racing genre!

The game combines explosive action and racing adrenaline to take the racing genre to a whole new level. Load up the cannons and get ready to test your driving skills in combat conditions, dodging missiles and destroying rivals on your way to the podium! By the end of the 21st century, humanity’s greed has brought the world to ruin. Political and economic crises have contributed to the development of violence and lawlessness around the world.

Chaos and war have played into the hands of greedy corporations who are trying in every possible way to benefit from them. The lust for blood and profit leads to the emergence of a new reality show – death races, which are organized by an influential organization called Cyberline Corp.

Under the control of a heartless racer named Inferno, Cyberline Corporation has a hidden goal – to test new military technologies in conditions that are as close to reality as possible. The survival race managed to attract the attention of the most frostbitten inhabitants of the once civilized world: murderers and psychopaths, decommissioned androids and just people who have nothing more to lose. You have to meet them on the track, where they earn the right to live by winning.

Collect 30+ cool cars and turn them into battle monsters. Choose from different vehicle classes: armored SUVs, light and fast supercars, or technologically advanced fortresses on wheels. Paint your car however you want, apply cool decals, install awesome car rims. Make your car unique!

Fight on exotic racing tracks such as cyberpunk slums, snow-capped mountains and scorching deserts, endless skyscrapers, volcanic islands and abandoned military bases. Dodge the barricades set up and find the shortest paths to your victory. Cyberline Racing is the ultimate next generation death racing game that will surely give you a healthy adrenaline rush! With your finger to the trigger and holding the gas pedal, download Cyberline Racing now!

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