Classical guitar has great real sounds – recorded in a professional studio with talented musicians. You can transform your device into a real classic guitar and you can play whatever you want. The classical guitar is ideal for both professional and inexperienced users (even children). Classical guitar is like a real guitar and it is one of the most realistic guitar simulator apps featuring amazing sound quality. All recordings were recorded from real live classical guitar.

Classical Guitar Capabilities

  • Great, natural, realistic sounds
  • Great graphics
  • 20 frets
  • 12 chords (maj, maj7, maj7 +, min, min7, sus4, dim, aug, power chord)
  • 2 play modes: chords or solo (fret / chord mode)
  • Chord Library
  • 4 popular, ready-to-go guitar riffs and patterns
  • String Bend
  • Slide Effect
  • Sound names
  • Special visual effects
  • Vibration mode on / off
  • Learn Guitar Chords
  • Animation
  • Classical guitar is supported on phones and tablets
  • Classical guitar works with all screen resolutions – mobile phones and tablets (HD)

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