Cheating Tom 3 for Android

Cheating Tom 3 for Android
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Rogue Volume 3 – Rogue Tom is back and even more insolent than before! This time he will have to cheat in the lessons at the school for brilliant children!

Help him outwit biology, history, art, science, and even a physical education teacher! Something bad is going on in this school – help Tom survive the general madness! Our Tom was so keen on cheating and cheating that he was mistaken for a prodigy and was invited to study at a school for gifted children! But in this super-school, something unthinkable is happening: someone is sucking the brilliant brains of students with a special machine and is going to use them to take over the world! Help Tom finish school while keeping his brains intact!

Arcade Features Rascal Volume 3

  • Help Tom cheat and cheat at the Gifted School!
  • With your help, Tom should learn the secrets of biology, history, art, natural history and sports!
  • Choose who you play as Tom or Tuffy and get down to business!
  • 100 challenging levels and several additional game modes – fun to cheat!
  • Introduced new modifiable power-ups and game currency for a more fun game.
  • Nasty teachers and nerdy nerds with brand new unpredictable behavior!
  • Awesome alumni photo album with lots of cool photos of students and teachers!

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