Cardboard was developed by Google to work with VR-enabled software. You just have to connect your existing glasses and enjoy your journey to new worlds. Cardboard opens doors to the world of virtual reality on your smartphone. With the Cardboard app, you can customize your VR goggles, find virtual reality apps, watch clips and movies, and more.

Cardboard Features

  • Planet Earth to fly around the entire globe is easy!
  • Guided tour visit Versailles with a personal guide.
  • My Videos Watch your videos on the big screen.
  • Exhibition view art from all angles.
  • Photo Sphere see your panoramic photos.
  • Arctic landscapes Fly with Arctic terns, create your own garden, enjoy the rays of the northern sun and the harsh beauty of the North.

Before you start working with Google Cardboard, you will be asked to connect your existing glasses. To do this, just point the main camera at the barcode of the device, after which it will be recognized automatically, and the program will select the optimal settings for it. If the camera is defective or you are using non-original products, the app will detect your glasses as the standard model. It differs from others in a cardboard body and two lenses for enlarging the image. Next, additional Cardboard setup will be done using a 3D video in VR. For calibration, the user will need:

  • Take a look at the animals;
  • Understand the controls shifted to a separate key;
  • Read the safety guidelines for using virtual reality glasses.

By default, Google Cardboard VR only offers a demo video. To get a better goggle experience, the developers provide the option to download sub-projects available in a separate store. Among other things, there you can find games, programs and other developments inherently related to VR. After logging in with your Google account, a link to the YouTube channel with 360-degree videos will appear in the library.

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