Banana Kong – run, jump, climb obstacles and swing on vines to help Baban Kong escape from the impending banana avalanche!

To control Kong, you need to tap or slide one finger across the screen. Mount a fast boar or a proud toucan and with their help overcome dangerous obstacles that will meet on your difficult path: massive boulders, toothy crocodiles, hungry piranhas, seething lava. Nature can be a merciless enemy …

Make your way through the jungle jungle, compete with your friends! Thanks to the full integration with Game Services, you will be able to see the best results of your friends right in the game. Compare their achievements with yours, improve your playstyle and unlock new achievements. A dynamic game engine is responsible for endless pleasure from always new obstacles. Every time you restart the game, you will face new obstacles, as the building of the level is always done randomly.

Collect as many bananas as possible and fill the energy indicator. Use your super hit to destroy obstacles, or try to walk the distance along an alternative route: for example, through a deep underground cave or through the treetops. To discover all the features of the game, find secrets and unlock new additional features.

Banana Kong Features

  • Cloud Saving
  • HD display support
  • Full integration with Game Services
  • Opportunity to ride animals
  • One-finger control
  • 10 seconds from launch to start of the game.

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