HedgeDict is a big set of different dictionaries in the one application! HedgeDict includes more than hundred dictionaries of European, Asian and Middle Eastern languages. In the application you will find English-Russian, English-French, English-German, Russian-German, English-English, English-Chinese and a lot of another dictionaries. Here you can find English, German, Spanish, Italian, Ukrainian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Persian etc. dictionaries. Also you have a possibility to convert your own dictionary at http://hedgedict.com.

Main functionality:
– handy and fast word search
– fast switching between dictionaries
– connections between paired dictionaries (English-Russian and Russian-English)
– grouping dictionaries by language (for example, all English dictionaries)
– history
– favorites
– sounds

Dictionary List (you can use dictionaries in both directions):
– English-English
– English-Arabic
– English-Bulgarian
– English-Chinese
– English-Croatian
– English-Dutch
– English-French
– English-German
– English-Greek
– English-Hebrew
– English-Hungarian
– English-Italian
– English-Japanese
– English-Korean
– English-Latvian
– English-Persian
– English-Polish
– English-Romanian
– English-Russian
– English-Serbian
– English-Spanish
– English-Thai
– English-Turkish
– English-Ukrainian
– English-Vietnamese

– Russian-English
– Russian-Belorussian
– Russian-Chinese
– Russian-Czech
– Russian-Dutch
– Russian-French
– Russian-German
– Russian-Greek
– Russian-Italian
– Russian-Polish
– Russian-Russian
– Russian-Spanish
– Russian-Ukrainian

– Polish-English
– Polish-French
– Polish-German
– Polish-Russian
– Polish-Spanish

If you enjoy updated dictionary, you can buy the activation key, which blocks ads and leaves more space for useful staffs.

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  • Requires
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Category
    Books & Reference
  • Content Rating
    Rated for 3+
  • Developer
    Viacheslav Dymarchuk
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