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If you are searching for free card games, it recommended "Pyramid Solitaire / Patience"!

*** About P.R.O ***
P.R.O is a leading developer of Solitaire games in Japan.
We are always continuing the development of the new style Solitaire.
Thanks! Our Solitaire apps has been loved by players around the world.

*** Pyramid Solitaire 1000 ***
Pyramid Solitaire is one of the most popular card game included with Windows.
Simple! Fun! Addictive! Best!
The sum of the two cards is removed in the 13, let's aim to the top of the pyramid.

free! Get the game!

*** Features ***
The theme of this series is "feel so good"!
Did you know that?
If the card is placed at random, there is no win guarantees.
Continue unsolvable endless game?
Maybe, feel tired and frustrated.
We offer "Winnable Solitaire (solvable game)"!

Please experience the "feel so good"!

List of Features:
– 2 variations: classic, modern (Open: all cards face up)
– Winnable Solitaire (solvable game, verified)
– Selectable game ID
– Total 2,000 game number (1,000 x2 variations)
– Motivation to win: 100 wins puzzles (hidden picture)
– Show me how to win (Deal/Answer)
– Intuitive user interface
– Smooth movement of the card (tap or drag)
– Undo (unlimited)
– Hint (for beginners)
– Customizable options
– Customizable themes (card and game background)
– Leaderboards (World Ranking)
– Achievement of Google Play Games
– Statistics (My Record)
– Daily Stamp
– Sounds (can be turned on / off)

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*** Contact us ***
Questions and bug reports, please contact us by e-mail from the app info page.
Please cooperate with the ratings and reviews for our app in the Google Play Store.
Thank you very much.

*** Additional Info ***
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Pyramid Solitaire 1000

Pyramid Solitaire 1000 - one of the most popular Android games in the category Card. Games really make our life more vivid and interesting. This game is actively used on smartphones, tablets, other devices, has a fairly wide target audience and is distributed almost all over the world. The age limit of this application 3+. You can free download Pyramid Solitaire 1000 for Android on Anderbot.com. Anderbot.com - international multiplatform portal of mobile applications and games. Download Pyramid Solitaire 1000 free of the developer P.R.O Corporation and use with pleasure.

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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Rated for 3+
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    P.R.O Corporation
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