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for those of you not familiar with the ecosystem aquarium method, more detailed accounts can be found in the references mentioned above. but, let me try and bring everyone up to speed here with a brief description of how the system works. background aquarium. like most methods of reef filtration this method starts off in a similar manner. water is drawn off the top of the aquarium via an overflow box, where it flows into the sump. but, it is at this point that the heart of the ecosystem method kicks in. the aquarium water first flows into a narrow chamber that contains bioballs. background aquarium. the bioballs are submerged, not dry, and they act primarily to break up any large pieces of detritus, as well as to dissipate any large air bubbles that are caused by the water splashing down. the water then flows out through two outlet slots near the bottom of a partition and into the main filtration chamber.

this central chamber is where all of the filtration occurs, and it contains two separate components that work synergistically with each other. in the bottom of this chamber, and running from front to back, are four 2-inch high partitions. leng’s special mud substrate rests within these partitions. this mud is the crucial component that leng has been working on over the last six years. background aquarium. the mud itself is not inert it is full of worms, copepods, nematodes and so on from the live rock, which have now populated it. leng said that over the years he had tried numerous types of mud, but that the formulation he is now using seems to be the crucial element in the system. he feels that this media performs many functions, which i will elaborate on below.

resting on the mud in this chamber is a large bed of caulerpa sertuloides. i know many of you reading this know of my general disdain for algae in the reef aquarium, and my opinion that algal turf scrubbers are not the optimal method for filtering a closed reef system. the reason for these opinions is that in the past when algal scrubbers were used for filtering reef aquariums, i have seen several problems invariably arise. first, turf algae has a tendency to overgrow the aquarium as it moves from the scrubber to the aquarium itself over time. background aquarium. second, in most aquariums using algal turf scrubbers that i observed, the algae released yellowing compounds into the water that not only reduced the passage of light, but also seemed to produce negative effects on the corals, particularly small-polyped scleractinian (sps) corals. also, in some aquariums with high algal loads the algae outcompete the corals for some of the trace elements present. finally, in most turf scrubber systems it is necessary to frequently remove the algae in order to rid the aquarium of excess nutrients, an endeavor that is often labor and time intensive.

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