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her eyes are wide as they stare into yours. you wrap your arm around her waist and pull her in close. she touches your face and you lean in, tilt your head to the right, of course and your lips connect. the rushing sensation leaves you little room to wonder, why am i doing this anyway. kissing wallpaper. of course, the simplest answer is that humans kiss because it just feels good. but there are people for whom this explanation isn't quite sufficient. they formally study the anatomy and evolutionary history of kissing and call themselves philematologists. so far, these kiss scientists haven't conclusively explained how human smooching originated, but they've come up with a few theories, and they've mapped out how our biology is affected by a passionate lip-lock.

supporting the idea that kissing is learned rather than instinctual is the fact that not all humans kiss. certain tribes around the world just don't make out, anthropologists say. while 90 percent of humans actually do kiss, 10 percent have no idea what they're missing. today, the most widely accepted theory of kissing is that humans do it because it helps us sniff out a quality mate. kissing wallpaper. when our faces are close together, our pheromones talk exchanging biological information about whether or not two people will make strong offspring. women, for example, subconsciously prefer the scent of men whose genes for certain immune system proteins are different from their own. this kind of match could yield offspring with stronger immune systems, and better chances for survival.

still, most people are satisfied with the explanation that humans kiss because it feels good. kissing wallpaper. our lips and tongues are packed with nerve endings, which help intensify all those dizzying sensations of being in love when we press our mouths to someone else's. kissing wallpaper. experiencing such feelings doesn't usually make us think too hard about why we kiss instead, it drives us to find ways to do it more often.

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