The 4th of July is near, so why don't you start celebrating being American and download this new and exciting Keyboard Plus American theme? Show how patriotic you can be!
Did you know that every day, almost 10,000 people enter New York’s Grand Central Terminal, but they're just passing by. They're attracted by bivalves from the Oyster Bar or the cocktails from the Campbell Apartment. Tourists watch the ceiling embellished with gold constellations, just take tours or go shopping. Many of the most popular attractions are found in major American cities such as New York, San Francisco, and Seattle. America's National September 11 Memorial had an impressive 4.5 million visitors during 2011 but it was dwarfed by Central Park with 100 times the area.
There are also others who who think that America means the great outdoors. That is why the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the best choice for millions of Americans, putting the location in the top 20 most-visited attractions in America. North America has been a great factor in shaping the current world layout, on several different aspects, such as politics, economy, ethnic diversity, education and culture. America has been described by many as the promised land, that land where anything is possible, the place where people start anew and encounter success down the road.
Did you have enough info about America to make you wish you could travel there right now? We understand that, that is why Keyboard Plus supports your desire to travel all around the world and see the wonders of our planet. Pack your bags because we're leaving soon for a destination that will blow your mind. Explore the wonders of the American land, the home of most of the pop culture that is around. Have an adventure and experience the beauty of America with all it represents, from famous Hollywood to the the exciting Niagara Falls, the impressive Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. You can now experience the American life with the least amount of effort: customize your keyboard layout in a style that expresses your love for America! This new Keyboard Plus American theme encompasses the essence of America, the great continent that brought us the American dream, ever present in the lives of so many people. Download this new Keyboard Plus American theme and install it on any device, like your smartphone or your tablet. Get this American themed keyboard skin and celebrate cultural diversity today!

I need help applying this Keyboard Plus American theme. How do I do it?
To apply this theme, you need to follow these simple steps:
1 download the American Keyboard theme from the Google Play store
2 open your new theme
3 press the Activate button from the app's Theme Manager
4 enjoy your awesome American custom keyboard skin

The Keyboard Plus American theme comes with custom fonts that matches the style of this red, white and blue, awesome theme. This American keyboard theme uses a free Google Font™ and you can find it here:

Have something to tell us? For suggestions or bugs, contact us at and we will reply faster than you can say America!

To use this keyboard theme you need to have the Keyboard Plus app installed on your device, which features:

★ Hundreds of themes to choose from: get any style, any color, any look!
★ New themes every day
★ Easy to use Theme Manager with countless beautiful themes like America, Pink, Neon and much more
★ Clean and elegant design for the built-in keyboard themes
★ Quick settings panel with useful features available directly in the keyboard
★ Numeric keys are always available on your keyboard
★ Big, medium & small keyboard sizes so you can type as fast as lightning
★ All keyboard themes come with a gorgeous custom font
★ Special keyboard layout for easy number writing
★ Sound and vibration on key press are quickly turned on or off

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