*** Big News! Prepare for the Next Challenge ***

An important update of iFighter 2 is released!

iFighter2 brings you back to the Pacific War in World War II to challenge the Empires of Japan and Germany with their powerful fighter jets and aircraft carriers.

iFighter2 is a masterpiece remake of the classic arcade experience!


1. Fighter Base
– Add new fighter base where you could build a three-fighter team to challenge the new and exciting missions. You could swap and choose any fighter in your fighter team immediately during an in-game combat!

2. Fighter Upgrade System
– Different fighter would have its specific bullet types: M/W/T. Using suitable bullet types for specific mission could make your combat easier.
– AT means attack points, higher AT level indicates stronger bullet power.
– HP means health points, higher HP level indicates harder to be shot.
– RP means repair points, higher RP level indicates faster to repair.
– Fighters with higher Star Rating could be upgraded to more levels.
– A new shooting mode called “Full Power” for main fighters with 4 stars or lower. If your main fighter got maximum in AP and you use a “Super Bullet” during a game, your main fighter will be turned into a supreme shooting mode called “Full Power”. You can take a look for “Full Power” in Bullet Preview in the Base;

3. Daily Gift
– Daily gift will be provided everyday you play the game.

4. Daily Missions
– Challenge for more than 12 daily events to win extra bonus.

5. Achievement
– Achieve specified goals to win achievement bonus.

6. New missions
– 40 normal missions and 27 elite missions!!
– New enemies, new bosses.
– Add in-game combos, more fun and excitement.

7. New Training Course And Intercept Supplies
– Add 3 different training courses and 1 Intercept Supplies, practicing how to enhance the control for M/W/T-types fighters and to gain upgrade elements and bonus coins.

8. Weekly Leaderboard
– Active users' scores will be consolidated to weekly leaderboard, to be the strongest aspirations in the world;

9. Other Enhancements
– New upgradable extra guns for 5 dedicated fighters;
– Collect weapon designs of extra guns in specific elite missions, to be equipped to your favorite fighters;
– New in-game collectors to show your progress of achieving “labelled enemies” and “gold badges”;
– New ‘Warehouse” for listing all your inventories;
– New players rank, the more powerful team, the higher the rank;
– New defense point (DP), the higher the rank, the higher the DP;
– New user info, you and other users’ info at a glance;
– Chinese and English supporting.

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