If your want your every day to be Halloween, and you cannot call into your mind the image of horror without the scary bat, you should immediately download our super cool Bat Live Wallpaper for smartphone or tablet. The bat may not be a creepy spectre or a scary supernatural being, but it will surely raise goose bumps when you look at our awesome “Bat android wallpapers” on your phone screen. On the other hand, if you find this extraordinary animal unbelievably cute, you will also find our free Bat Wallpaper for Android™ irresistible! Regardless of your opinion about this flying little Dracula, you should absolutely download our majestic “Bat HD Wallpapers” and discover all the details about this mysterious animal!

Main features:

▫ Beautifully animated “vampire bat wallpaper” for you!
▫ Choose a “scary wallpaper” for your phone or tablet–more “HD backgrounds” are added daily!
▫ Amazing pictures of “horror wallpapers” for the screen of your smartphone or tablet!
▫ This awesome “Bat background” is very easy on the battery – it sleeps when the device is inactive!
▫ Enjoy this new, free “creepy wallpaper” – download it now!

Follow the installation instructions:
Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers

▫ HD graphics and open GL.
▫ Optimized Battery Usage.
▫ Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices.
▫ “animal wallpapers” fully support horizontal orientation and look amazing on tablet devices as well as on mobile phones.
Have you ever thought how the bat presented by our fabulous “Bat Live Wallpaper” entered the Halloween Hall of Fame? It is believed that early pictures of witches revealed them worshiping a horned figure with wings and also they used bat blood as an ingredient in the ointment rubbed on before the Sabbath. Feel the ominous power of our incredible “Bat free Wallpaper” and discover why this little animal invokes terror! Just like Nosferatu, “vampire bat”, as its name suggests, feasts on the warm, rich blood of other animals with its vampire teeth, including humans. Download this awe inspiring “Bat free wallpapers” for your phone screen and discover why bats have been synonyms with the image and idea of the vampire. As in classic “horror movies” and cartoons, see how we transformed “count Dracula” into scary “Bat wallpapers” for smartphone. Another reason why bat, portrayed by our “wallpaper download”, is considered scary is that they spread rabies, but the truth is that it's much more likely to be infected by a family dog! Look at this fascinating animal hanging upside down, and share this amazing “Bat live Wallpapers” with your friends now! You'll be amazed how much you didn't know about this unique animal!
“Cool Bat HD wallpaper” on your phone screen portray a wonderful nocturnal animal that can see and hear everything despite the old saying:blind as a bat! Due to a sophisticated system of echolocation and high pitched sounds, the bats can locate the prey, obstacles an perfectly navigate in the dead of night! Did you know that some bats are actually undead? Our fantastic Bat android Wallpaper will inspire you to read everything about the bats that hibernate in order to survive the cold bugless winter. Every time you see your brand new Bat live wallpaper on your screen, remember that these scary flying animals are actually worth respect!

Download our creepy looking cool backgrounds today and be happy to have them on your phone screen, 'cause these animals, no matter how ugly and scary may seem, are very helpful to man and unfortunately are “endangered species”!
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