ABA English – Learn English from movies with the new English learning app. Download it and discover the complete English course with personalized tutoring, 6 levels of study and 144 modules that contain everything you need to achieve your goal: speak English!

ABA English Features

  • ABA Films: Learn English with our exclusive London and New York short films.
  • 144 video tutorials: An effective and fun explanation of all English grammar.
  • 6 levels of study: from beginner English to Business.
  • Tutor: A personal tutor will help you achieve a higher level of English proficiency by providing guidance and advice based on your learning progress.
  • Measure your progress: You can measure your progress by taking a test after completing each module of the course.
  • Official certification: After completing each level of these English courses, you will be able to earn an official ABA English certificate.
  • Multi-platform: you can learn English on your computer, mobile phone or tablet from one account.

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