2048 is an unpretentious 2D puzzle game that first appeared as standalone browser entertainment in 2014, thanks to ideas and concepts from obscure Italian developer Gabriele Cirulli.

Immediately after the release of the puzzle, similar works appeared on the network with the same concepts, but changed rules. Some studios suggested collecting not 2048, but 1024 or even 4096, in the same way moving figures across the field and looking for suitable combinations. And, although everyone tried to exploit the ideas of Gabriel Cirulli, no one was able to leave any significant mark in history.

Rule 2048

Events in the 2048 universe unfold on a small competitive 4×4 field. At the start, some of the cells are empty, while the other is randomly filled with blocks marked with numbers 2 and 4. The main goal is to alternately move blocks across the field using swipes to the right, left, up, and gain points, while trying to reach the block with the number 2048 …

Initially, the task does not look difficult, but every minute it becomes more difficult to act, and there are several reasons for that:

  • After each “swipe” in the empty cells of the field, new blocks appear, which will have to be used to collect points. New blocks appear with numbers 2 or 4, and therefore after a short period of time there are problems with finding the next move. After all, existing blocks may not coincide with new ones.
  • When swiping, blocks with one digital “charge” “stick together” and form a single block with a new denomination. So two blocks with fours after the transition will turn into an eight. And two deuces make a four.
  • Time tracking is not provided by default for 2048, but some developers suggest that you can increase the pace even more. And the longer decisions are made, the lower the final result on the leaderboard.

The rest of the 2048 rules are learned during the passage. And, oddly enough, you don’t have to memorize too much. Due to the low theoretical entry threshold, within 10-15 minutes after the start, you can freely reach a block with a value of 512 or even 1024, and after 3-4 hours you can reach the final.

The main thing is to use ingenuity and cunning and carefully plan each action. In mathematical puzzles, excess risk is not beneficial, but only pulls to the bottom and makes you make more mistakes.

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