Описание игры Psychopath Red

Grandma I've eaten a wolf Little Red Riding Hood
Vows revenge on wolf , Little Red Riding Hood is aimed at like the devil mad wolf !
Whether … Which wolf ate Grandma
It's to annihilate the wolf !
Use the weapons ancestors had gathered of Little Red Riding Hood , and Oitsumero the wolf !

[ How to Play ]
1. Tap the attack button , and Osoe the wolf !
2. As you bought a weapon , attack power goes up !
3. accumulate attack force , to try to use the further weapon !
4. appear occasionally enemy ! That time is trying to fight off by tapping that person !
5. The attack power use an item called armory increases swelling to several times !
6. collected a lot of weapons , and he hunt down the wolf !

[ Recommended for Travellers ]
– Cute child love
– Dash feeling is love
– I like revenge
– Made to kill time I like free training games
I like the numbers , is to see how the going up a moment
· Facebook weapons image of in mass production , people who want to share on Twitter

[ Music use ]

Дополнительная информация
  • Лицензия
  • Совместимость
    Android 2.3 или более поздняя
  • Категория
  • Возрастные ограничения
  • Разработчик
  • Язык
    Русский, Английский
  • Устройства
    Мобильный телефон, планшет
  • Версия игры
    Последняя версия с официального сайта разработчика

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