The Outbreak: First Light picks up right where The Outbreak: Day Zero left off, following the parallel stories of Adam Turner, a second-year medical student, and Ben Young, a recovering heroin addict, as they fight to survive after a deadly virus is unleashed in New York City.

The Outbreak is an intense, dramatic kinetic novel series for mature readers, complete with full music, sound effects, and gritty photography that takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.

Please Note: There are no gameplay choices in this app--it's just a story (like a comic).

There's a lot more to come in this epic story, so stay tuned for the latest news updates at The Outbreak series official website, http://www.theoutbreakseries.ml.


Created by Skyler Newman (http://www.skylernewman.ml)
Music by Kevin MacLeod (http://www.incompetech.com)
3D Photography created with Garry's Mod (http://www.garrysmod.com)
Sound Effects by Valve (http://valvesoftware.com)
Additional Sound Effects by Freesound (http://www.freesound.org) and SoundDogs (http://www.sounddogs.com)
Developed in Ren'Py (http://www.renpy.org)
Produced by Moon Colony (http://www.mooncolony.ml)

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Дополнительная информация
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  • Требуемая версия
    Android 2.2 или более поздняя
  • Категория
  • Возрастные ограничения
  • Разработчик
    Moon Colony