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App to create your own test / quiz to practice before final test. App will allow you to add different types of questions to the test. Some of the question types are
* True / False questions
* Multiple Choice questions
* Multiple Answer questions
* Fill in the blanks
* Short Answer questions
* Jumbled Sentence questions
* Jumbled Word questions
* Ordering questions

Wide range of question type allow you to have very real world experience of the test / quiz. Wide range of question type allow you to test skills to all different levels. Different kind of questions test different skills.

Images can be added to the questions to make them better. With images, question related to diagrams, view and answer, sequence and many more types can be added.

Quizzes can be used to train your kids and also allow you to use it for yourself.

Simple Holo UI makes application very easy to understand and useful. Teacher can create test with very basic steps. Once the test is ready, students can take the test with easy step by step process. Once the test is completed successfully, result is displayed to student.

Some of the features are
* PIN controlled editing
* Result recording for previous history
* Backup and restoring of test
* Upload Demo Test from settings page to have a feel about the application

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  • Версия ОС
    Android 4.0 или более поздняя
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