Описание приложения Battery Saver + Power Doctor?

This Battery Saver app saves the battery life by optimizing phone settings like Internet connectivity, screen brightness, and timeout according to the your needs.

It currently works under 3 modes, Power Saving, Sleep, Customization mode. You can easily switch from one mode to another and manage them within the apps. This improved battery manager will take care of your battery’s health the same way a doctor takes care of yours.


✔ Background App Consumption feature to detect and permanently stop power-draining apps.
✔ Saving Mode, which is Suggested to use in lowest Battery Status.
✔ Sleep Mode is Suggested to use when you sleep.
✔ Tells battery details like current, temperature, health, voltage, Technology used, current status, etc.,
✔ Displays & cleans memory consuming apps as Cache, working as a Cache cleaner app.
✔ Kills running task, working as RAM Booster or RAM Cleaner app.
✔ Get details of charge like Full Charge, Tickle Charge or Fast Charge.
✔ Widget of Battery status level & Switcher options.
✔ The precise battery level is displayed in 1% increments
✔ Turn On/Off Wifi.
✔ Switch On/Off Mobile Data.
✔ Turn On/Off GPS.
✔ Switch On/Off Bluetooth.
✔ Switching On/Off Airplane Mode.
✔ Managing the screen timeout.
✔ Managing the screen brightness.
✔ Provides necessary Notifications.
✔ Its FREE to use.

If you have any issues or questions, do mail us, we listen to every feedback we receive.
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Дополнительная информация

  • Лицензия
  • Совместимость
    Android 2.3 или более поздняя
  • Категория
  • Возрастные ограничения
  • Разработчик
    Vivek Warde
  • Язык
    Русский, Английский
  • Устройства
    Мобильный телефон, планшет
  • Версия приложения
    Последняя версия с официального сайта разработчика

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