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Give you're phone a sparkle! Sparkle Wallpapers and sparkle lockscreens is just what you need! Love sparkly things? We have a large selection of glittler wallpapers and lock screens that will have you saying wow! HD sparkle backgrounds will give you're phone or tablet an awesome new look! Bling wallpapers for girls! Have you been wanting to make you're phone look more girly? We have tons of girly glitter backgrounds! Sparkle Wallpapers offers a variety of different styles and colors, pink glitter backgrounds to purple sparkle wallpapers teal glitter lockscreens and so much more! We have something for everyone! Silver glitter to rainbow glitter!

Open the app and tap on a picture you like, then press the set button on the top right. From there you can crop the picture if you like. If you select that you would like to crop the picture you will then be given the option to set the picture for your lockscreen your home screen or contact picture. Best of all our app is free!

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    Android 5.0 или более поздняя
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