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In golf, a caddy can make a world of difference. In Golden Tee, your caddy won’t just be at your side when you’re spinning the trackball. It will be with you at all times, ready to enhance your GT experience. The Golden Tee Caddy is the app each and every Golden Tee fan has to own. Whether you’re a diehard trackball addict looking for detailed information for your latest contest, or you’re a casual player looking to track down a LIVE cabinet on the road, the GT Caddy is built for you.

Just download the app and log in, and you’ll have access to your GT world.

Golden Tee Caddy Features:

• Build-A-Bag: Create the dream club set you’ve always wanted. Name it, give it a description and then pick the 14 clubs that best suit your game or a given course!

• Money $hot: See where you stand in Golden Tee 2016’s latest feature! The Caddy’s Money $hot leaderboard will update throughout the day, keeping you current on your rank.

• Dress your virtual golfer in the new Player Locker section. Pick from anything you have earned from game play or spend some player wallet money and get that instant gratification.

• The new Pro Shop section allows you to set your default equipment or load up on extra balls and tees. The app contains every ball and club ever made! Don't waste valuable playing time loading up. Do it from home before you even get to the game.

• In-depth stat-tracking: Want to see how you’ve played this week? This month? This year? Or perhaps you’re interested in some all-time numbers, averages and bests. Access your Golden Tee Web Account and enjoy stat overload!

• LIVE Contest Updates: How much money did I win last night? Use the GT Caddy to find out how you placed in Prize Play, Glory Play and Closest-to-the-Pin Contests! Just hit refresh and see how your scores hold up to the rest of the trackball world!

• Daily Contest Updates: How does your best score stack up on the Daily Contest? Follow along throughout the day on the Caddy and keep track of where you stand.

• Find A Game: Whether you’re on the road or simply looking for a Golden Tee location in your area, Find A Game will help you track one down, and it will also provide directions to locations using GPS on your phone!

• Instant YouTube™ Golden Tee Great Shot Access: See your latest and greatest Golden Tee Great Shot uploads, all in one place. Your buddy doesn't believe you aced Hole 18 on Pelican Grove? Show him in seconds.

• GT Notifications: Don’t just hit refresh for hours. We’ll send you all your latest Golden Tee happenings. Turn on notifications to find out when your contests closed, if money was added to your Player Account when your YouTube™ Golden Tee Great Shot was uploaded and more!

• Stay Current on News: Tournaments, contests, tips, videos, announcements and all the fun of Goldentee.com can be found in the Golden Tee Caddy. Find out what’s going on in the game you love.

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    Android 4.0.3 или более поздняя
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    Incredible Technologies

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