*Creepy Slot 365 Bet Nudge&Hold is a spooky theme slots machine with Nudges and Hold with massive 365 lines to win, BONUS BOARD and CASH LADDER, nudges & the ability to hold just like a fruit machine should.
Win big with massive multiplier scary power-ups with Bats, Graves, Moon, Pumpkin and Spider. Each spooky power-up upgrades your current round of wins plus adds to your ever increasing multipliers.

Take control of your game with nudge and hold to give you the extra chances for grand prizes.
Super fast reel action with rapid auto play and cash wins using maximum 365 lines.
Choose from 1-13 creepy winning lines or go for massive 365 x winning line bet mode for crazy amount of creepy combinations to win.
Completely free to download and play with no need for in-apps required.

All scary symbols give you cash in combinations. You need 3 or more & these special features:
Cash Ladder Feature, well known in fruit machines uses your fast reflexes to climb up the top for the top grand prize.
Bonus CASH is Progressive and anywhere on reels adds to your progressive creepy cash jackpot
*Black Cat is Wild and anywhere on wining line substitutes symbols except special features.

Lots of Spooky Multiplier Power -Ups Each adding to total spooky multiplier AND gives you cash prizes:
Scary Bats, Graves, Moon, Pumpkin and Spider all add to your mega multiplier cash stash
Packed with many fruit machine and Vegas casino slots features such as cash ladder and bonus board plus mini slot games, progressive jackpot, crazy multipliers and games.

Great jackpots can be won with all reels within a winline matching up but not including special symbols.
4 in a row
Adjust your bet amount
Jackpots paid plus award based on symbol points.
Super scary quick spin action
Fast Auto Spin
Wild cat on all reels
Variable bets and stakes
All game prizes proportion to original bet prior to bonus game
Collect your wining cash to your bank just like a real machine
Free $1000 to your bank when you start
Nudges and Holds
Every new game shuffles reels with random placement for a unique machine every app launch

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Creepy Slot 365 Bet Nudge&Hold - одна из популярных игр для Android в категории Казино. Игры действительно делают нашу жизнь более яркой и интересной. Эта игра активно используется на смартфонах, планшетах, других устройствах, имеет довольно широкую целевую аудиторию и распространена практически по всему миру. Возрастное ограничение этого приложения 12+. На Anderbot.com Вы можете скачать бесплатно Creepy Slot 365 Bet Nudge&Hold для Android. Anderbot.com - международная мультиплатформенная площадка мобильных приложений и игр. Скачайте Creepy Slot 365 Bet Nudge&Hold бесплатно от разработчика BEATS N BOBS™ Mobile Games и пользуйтесь с удовольствием.
  • Лицензия
  • Требуемая версия
    Android 2.3.3 или более поздняя
  • Категория
  • Возрастные ограничения
  • Разработчик
    BEATS N BOBS™ Mobile Games
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