The Aunt Flo Period Tracker is bold, simple, and honest! No cute icons. No flowers. No butterflies. Aunt Flo tells women how their period really is, throughout the entire monthly cycle.

The Aunt Flo Period Tracker app tracks a woman's period simply and honestly, and gives back to women in need. A portion of all app purchases go to providing women and girls in need with feminine hygiene products and hygiene education.

So, download the Aunt Flo Period Tracker app, save yourself from the fake happiness and flowers, and help women and girls in need!

1. Log your cycle length and period length, and Aunt Flo Period Tracker will calculate your period, ovulation, and fertility start and finish dates each month for you.
2. Aunt Flo will send you notifications before your period starts, the first day of your period, and when you are ovulating.
3. Our simple calendar allows you to easily see your monthly cycle, so you know when to order french fries and rent a movie.
4. Your partner will receive a notification the week before your period, the first day of your period, and when you are ovulation. Now they can know why you're edgy, when you need chocolate, and when to dim the lights and get busy!
5. Switch to pregnancy mode and Aunt Flo will get back to you in 9 months after you have had your adorable baby!

Please email comments, suggestions, and questions to info@auntfloapp.com. We value your insights! And remember, we hate your period as much as you do!

Disclaimer: Sex makes babies. It’s pretty straight forward. Obviously, the only fail-safe method to prevent making babies is not having sex. But that sounds horrible. So, when you do have sex, we strongly recommend you do your research and use whatever form of prevention works best for you.

Our pregnancy forecasting is dependent on several factors: cycle length, period duration, ovulation during your cycle, and you being intelligent. Please put correct dates into the Aunt Flo Period Tracker so we can best forecast your cycle. Anxiety, stress, mood swings are all normal, cus you're a woman. But they do affect your cycle. Diet, nutrition, exercise, medications, age and many other factors can also affect your cycle month-to-month. Aunt Flo is here to help with what we can, but hell, we can’t do everything for you!

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