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Everyone knows the chicken goes cluck-cluck, but what does a 'cluck' really sound like? Find out with this cool sound app!

Down on the farm, the rooster might get all of the attention for it’s showy cock-a-doodle-do, but chickens are sure to join the barnyard chorus of oinks and moos with their own vocal clucking and crowing. These egg-laying birds may be small, but if you’ve ever visited a chicken coop, you know they can pack a noisy punch! From the innocent chirping of a newly hatched baby chick to loud squawking, chickens make unique and varied sounds. These sounds can be used for educational purposes, or they can be endless entertainment for babies and kids who love to listen to new and strange animal and bird sounds!

Skip the trip to the muddy farm and listen to chicken sounds at home, in the car, or wherever you are. These sounds can even be used as funny ringtones!

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