For several years in many countries companies can no longer use the call hidden identity.

But many of them still call, at any time and some unscrupulous looking to sell as.

And worst, some people cheat, lie, looking swindle, cheat, steal, … This is scammers, swindlers, thieves white glove, …

Your phone rings out of control, bombarded with annoying calls and there is no way to know who is calling. Will it be a telemarketing vendor or, even worse, an answering machine touchtone? In that case, you should answer the call or ignore it? Who is on the other side of the call?

Luckily for years there are several ways that allow you to search the number that leave us on the handset screen. There is usually opinions of people who have also been disturbed, it is really question of the company that claims to be and have lawful purposes, or otherwise dealing with a company that does not exist that you are looking hurtarnos or steal money from a scam or scam.

Whether or not opinions and the number leaving us on screen anyone can create comments anonymously to report our experience with the call and what we know about the (supposed) company and what we have managed to find (eg searching the Web or web or WWW or Internet).

So between all we help us and make it harder for poor people to deceive or defraud us.

The application will soon be updated with more useful pages.

WHO CALLS - одно из популярных приложений для Android в категории Связь. Мобильные приложения данного плана действительно упрощают нашу повседневную жизнь. Это приложение активно используется на смартфонах, планшетах, других устройствах, имеет довольно широкую целевую аудиторию и распространено практически по всему миру. Возрастное ограничение этого приложения 3+. На Вы можете скачать бесплатно WHO CALLS для Android. - международная мультиплатформенная площадка мобильных приложений и игр. Скачайте WHO CALLS бесплатно от разработчика GoodViewMobile и пользуйтесь с удовольствием.
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    Android 1.6 или более поздняя
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