My dear young chefs welcome for a new cooking lesson. You always liked cooking! Sometimes you sit around your mother to learn cooking recipe and just help her to cook? You land in the right place. Today you will learn a delicious recipe with muffins. So you can make a good surprise for your parents and your best friends. You will surprise them band they will be very excited and pleased about you. Firstly the ingredients you need in the kitchen for this recipe are: 2 eggs, sugar, oil, flour, milk, baking powder, colored candy, cherries and various flavors of topping. So we can start to prepare this yummy dessert. You need to beat eggs with sugar, milk, gradually add oil, baking powder and flour. Mix all the ingredients until you get a perfect composition. The composition is divided equally in special boxes for muffins. Put this muffins compositions in oven for 25 minutes. You can play with toppings with different colors and different taste to decorate cupcakes. Decorate with pieces of chocolate. You will see how easy to decorate this muffins and you will learn how to put cherries in a way that they are made to look like a cake baker with experience. Enjoy this cooking game and gain culinary experience. You will become a real cook!

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