You can make scanning and diagnostics using the application Diagnostician and Bluetooth ELM327:

- scanning and reading basic information about car (vehicle) according to OBD2 standard;
- making vehicle (car) diagnostics, reading and clearing trouble codes from the electronic control unit (ECU) which maintains OBD2 standard;
- reading live data (speed, RPM, engine coolant temperature, engine load, short/long term fuel trim, fuel and air pressure etc).

To have a look at the Diagnostician application without scanning the vehicle, you can use the demonstration mode (in this case you don’t need ELM327 bluetooth device that works according to OBD protocol).

The Diagnostician application supports reading several ECUs due to a car can contain not one electronic control unit.

It’s a beta version. The Diagnostician application is under development now. Your feedback is highly appreciated.
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