Introducing "Epic Split Truck Simulator"! New unique truck driver simulator game for true lovers of trucks, competition and epic splits!

Have you ever wondered about who had the key role in that famous ads with epic split between two riding trucks? We will share the secret with you - it was the driver of the right truck!
Don't believe us? Download this euro truck driver simulator and sit down behind the wheel of the right truck. Soon you will understand whose merit was this epic split!

What awaitens you?
- realistic and difficult 3d truck driver simulator
- competition in "epic split between riding trucks" discipline with players from all over the world
- high speed, world records and epic fails
- fascinating sunset and inspirational music

It doesn't matter if you are European or American truck driver - come and join this epic split truck driver competition! Brave guy with a good stretching will stand on the side mirror of your grand truck. Do not let him down.
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