Can't you Read Text Messages in Malayalam Language in your Smartphone? Then you will absolutely Love this Application. With this App, you will be able to Read all the Text Messages of your Smartphone in Malayalam Language instantly in the same Window.

Just follow these 3 Steps:-
Install and Open the Application for once
Select that text that you want to Read in Malayalam and Copy it
That's it!! You will be able to Read it Instantly over there.

Its extremely easy to use this Application. You just need to install the App and Copy the Malayalam Text that you cannot see. As soon as you hit the Copy button, you will be able to Read the Copied text in Malayalam Language in the same screen instantly.

From there if you want you can Save that Message, Share it with your Friends and Family instantly on Social Messaging Apps as well as on Social Media. We have given extreme emphasis on Quality so that you get the same text fonts that's been mentioned in the Message.

Features of the Application:-
✔ View Message Instantly
You can View the message in Malayalam Language Instantly in same screen.

✔ Share Message Instantly
You can even share it with a click with your Friends.

✔ Save Message
If you like the Message than you can Save it for Future use

✔ User Friendly
This Application is very easy to use and understand.

It feels extremely bad when you cannot Read a Text Message in your own Mother Language and that ignited the spark in us to develop a kind of application that will let the users Read/View Messages in their own Mother language.

We hope that you do Download this Application and appreciate our Hard Work.

Note:- This is not a translator Application that will translate your Malayalam Messages into English or vice-versa
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