Version benefits:
•  no advertising
•  Flickr photo stream based on pallets, code, and color name
•  palettes with a variation of Saturation and Brightness
•  clipboard copying
•  double complementary scheme
•  ability to pinch zoom
•  ability to edit color code in wheel space with long click
•  ability to share palettes with friend
•  ability to edit single color point on Color Wheel
•  palette preview in rgb, hex, hsv

It is your handy interactive Classic Color Wheel (base colors: red, yellow, blue ).
If you do not know which colors combined together - then this program is for you. Especially for designers and webmasters,for everyone who loves harmony in color.

  - Can not decide on the color scheme of the interior?
  - Doubt in the choice of colors for the quilt?
  - Can not decide which shirt fit best to the new skirt?
- Do not know what colors to combine?
- Do not know how to balance colors?
This app helps you to identify harmonious and balanced color combinations.
Color balance is based on Color Harmony Rules: triade, tetradic, split complementary, complementary, 6 intermediate colors, monochrome, analogous.
It is possible to upload photos, combine colors from color code and human name, save palettes.
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