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Epic Story MORPG recommended by Google throughout 100 countries worldwide.

★ Explore!
- Explore versatile world of 'Misilen' with Cinematic Stories, find the intriguing truth and face with betrayals.
- Big & Various content : Quest, Event dungeon, Tower, Raid

★ Tame!
- You can tame monsters called 'Soul' with fight! even Boss monsters!

★ Strategy!
- Form a party using your character and 3 soul!
- You can choose 3 Soul in various class and so many skills

★ Dominate the world!
- You can PvP other players in the world at the same time!

★ Easy!
- Auto hunting mode which even beginners can follow easily.

★ Artistic!
- Highest quality full 3d graphic delivers intriguing interaction into the game

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