Russian Slots Machines has the newest slot machines, the best and the most fun around. With Russian Slots, everyone gets nice gifts and has a great time.
Beautiful, original artistic themes and pleasant music will ensure that you have a blast while you play.

Russian Slots Machines is a vivid world with a wonderful collection of slot machines – a world where you can become a secret agent or be the first to discover a new continent!
Its simple controls mean that you can immerse yourself in a new world and have a blast with a single button!
Start playing right away and luck is sure to be on your side!

- Large selection of slot machines
- Excellent music
- Simple, clear gameplay
- Unique gaming atmosphere
- Attractive gifts and rewards
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    Android 4.0 ja uuemad
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    Alates 12. eluaastast
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    Dmitriy Kislovsky