Belarus News (Новости Беларуси) is the the easiest way to read news from main Belarus newspapers in Belarusian (Белорусский). The latest news from main newspapers are here! With Belarus News you will have instant news. You will carry with you your favorite newspapers, without losing time and without spending money. Keep up to date at anytime of the day with Belarus News.

- News categorized by newspapers, and by categories too.
- Automatically download latest news and it keeps up to date all the time.
- This app is really fast and it won't drain your battery.
- Belarus News, Newspaper, Journal.

With Belarus News you can read breaking news, multimedia, reviews & opinion, business, sports, movies, travel, books, jobs, education, real estate, cars and more!

These are some of the available newspapers:

- Яндекс.Новости
- Хартия 97
- Белорусский партизан
- Новости OPEN.BY
- Наша Ніва
- Интерфакс-Запад
- БелТА
- РИА Новости
- Чемпионат.com
- Свободные
- Минск-Новости
- Бизнес-Новости
- Новости

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